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July 2018- Book Club Pick

Namaste Yoga Krewe yogis!

We're so excited to add a new element to Yoga Krewe's offerings through a free

book club.

Our goal for this book club is to create a safe place where we all can discuss yoga learning and themes. Often, we will tie the book into the theme of the month so that what you are learning in the studio will coincide with what we are reading at home for a complete, holistic learning environment.

Our hope, is that you read along, participate, ask questions, share your opinon and learn along with us. Speaking for myself, I'm excited to continue learning with you guys as I deepen my knowledge around the principles of yoga. I find that when I am what I call the 'yoga zone', I am more peaceful, calm, thoughtful, and more in touch with who I am and what to be. Ya feel me?

This month, we will hold it via this blog and through a private facebook event. The private Facebook event can only be seen by those of us in the group. So your thoughts are safe to share within our group and they will stay there. We're very open to feedback as we evolve and find the BEST way to offer this additional learning. We will evolve with your feedback so that we create a Book Club that serves YOU, our community.

So, let's get started... what do you think?!

Our July Book Pick:

The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Devi

July at Yoga Krewe we will be focusing on Yoga Sutra 1.2.

Yogash citta vrtti nirodha: Yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind.

Paige will elaborate later this week on why we chose this theme, but I will dive into why we chose this book to compliment this theme.

As explained by Devi in her introduction, as many as 18 million people practice yoga asana (poses) and most are women. However, what keeps us on the mat and coming back to our mat is not the poses. Its much more. It's what we learn on the mat, the philosophy that's taught throughout class, the calm and relaxation we crave as we come off the mat. In this hyper busy world, yoga has become a refuge for most of us. Giving us permission to stop the rush, stop the chatter in our head and just BE. Be in the present, be aware, be at peace. OH, and the secondary benefit is the physicality that helps us feel more comfortable in our body physically by practicing yoga poses. Its way more than just poses. Do you agree?

The Yoga Sutras are a set of 196 teachings from over 2,500 years ago. Originally passed down verbally, Sri Pantajali wrote them down in order to preserve the teachings. Since then, many interpretations or explanations of the sutras have been written. All of these from the male perspective as until recently, males were seen as scholars and women as keepers of the family.

"This striving relaxed as the "heart perspective" invited itself into my study. Embracing the spirit of the sutras, rather than their literal meaning." -Devi (intro)

In this book, Devi teaches the sutras from a woman's perspective, the first time a book has been written in this perspective on this 2,500 year old set of wisdoms. She takes a heart-centered approach versus a mind-centered approach from what's in teachings today.

Guide to Reading:

As guided by Devi, the best way to read the sutras is to experience them versus just reading them, memorizing them and checking it off the to-do list. If we want to truly learn them for our life-time implementation, we must experience the sutras. She has set this book up in just this format through three steps. First, you will read the sutra out loud. Experience its vibrational quality on your body. Pause, breathe, sit with it for a moment. Then read its commentary and reflect or meditate on what that reading brings to you. Lastly, there is a section that invites you to experience the sutra. You'll be ask to put the book down and take time to feel the sutra in your mind, body and spirit. These three steps will deepen your understanding of the sutra as you will be living the sutra out as you read.

"True spiritual success is never gained through mere reading of books." - Yoga-Shastra

So, that leads us to our setup this month. What I am recommending is that each day we take one chapter or section. There are 19 sections, which leaves us some days for reflecting or stillness. This will help us take the time to learn and live the sutras versus just reading a book to put it down say 'that was nice' and then file it away in a 'I read it' category. My goal is to truly learn the sutras so that we can transform our lives for the better through their teachings. In order to do that, we have to follow Devi's lead and experience the sutras.


Week 1: Page 1-74 (Intro - Book I Chapter 5)

Week 2: Paige 75-162 (Book I Chapter 6 - Book II Chapter 4)

Week 3: Page 163-248 (Book II Chapter 5 -Chapter 8)

Week 4: Page 249-291 (Book III - Acknowledgements)

I will be leading conversation through our event on Facebook. I welcome you to join it and participate. The more we talk, the more we learn.


1. This is a friendly, safe environment where open discussion is encouraged. We will due this while being respectful of all thoughts. If one takes a turn towards disrepect, we will politely ask you to step away.

2. Talk, engage, post. This is everyone's forum equally. Post videos of your thoughts, pictures, quotes. Let's make this fun, interactive and a positive learning experience.

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