Prenatal Yoga @ YK

Congratulations on your growing family!

Pregnancy is a time of profound change on many levels. Yoga has the ability to help you navigate this journey and keep you strong physically, mentally, and emotionally as you prepare for the life changing event of childbirth.

We are happy to support you during this time. We welcome you into our ongoing classes with joy. Our instructors are knowledgeable about prenatal modifications and contraindications. In addition to their guidance, we’d like to offer you these tips and resources to help you move through the classes feeling safe and without confusion.

How to modify your practice for your growing baby:

1. To accommodate a growing belly, it is advised to take the feet wider than the hips in forward bends, both standing and seated.

2. To avoid compression of the belly when twisting, choose open twists (away from bent knees)
3. Choose hands and knees or Child’s Pose over prone (face down) yoga poses.
4. Keep your breath steady and even, and avoid breathing practices that call for holding the breath.
5. To reduce the risk of falling, refrain from practicing inverted poses such as headstand or handstand.
6. A supported Savasana, or side lying Savasana may be more comfortable than lying flat on the floor, especially as the pregnancy progresses.

Recommended Yoga Krewe Classes:
- Gentle Yoga
- Level 1 or All Levels Yoga
- Restorative Yoga