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So excited that you are interested in learning more about our Barre Blend Fit Group. We are so excited for this program as it blends our love for affirmations with our other love of self care through fitness & nutrition. I can't wait to help you meet your goals in 2020 with this program.
Here are the details. It's rather lengthy so let me know if you have any questions and we can chat!


A Fit Club is a virtual group held on a private app. We all are women who have the same goal of being our best self  and want to focus on fitness and nutrition to get there. Within the group we all complete the same workouts, support each other with accountability, motivation and nutrition. I will be leading and coaching you where you need help, so we will chat a bit about your goals and struggles so that we can create an action plan.
In this group we will post recipes, tips, motivation, inspiration, or a challenges. You will also be expected to check-in each day to ensure you are meeting your goals. The group is a wonderful way to stay accountable and motivated through the 8 weeks.

Our Barre Fit Group will start 1/13 with our prep week starting 1/6. 

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Barre Blend Program

Taking the best of barre, turning up the intensity for a low-impact workout with high-impact results.

30-40 mins. 5 days/wk. 8 weeks.

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Affirmation Cards

To help you realize your full potential, Elise created “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards with her favorite words of affirmation. Just choose a card and set a positive mindset for your day. 


Complete Toolkit to Meet your Goals:

Your challenge pack will include the following:

  • A year of access to your streaming workout service (called BOD- Beachbody OnDemand). This service also has 1,000s of additional workouts on it that you can use once you complete Barre Blend.

  • Your Choice Either:

    • 30 Days of Shakeology- (Highly recommend- Jen drinks the chocolate vegan, Mich the choc whey)

    • 30 Days of Recover & Energize –

      • Recover is a nutrition supplement that helps prevent muscle soreness from setting in. 

      • Energize is a pre-workout drink that we SWEAR buy. 

    • Or if you want both there is an option for that, just let me know. 

  • Full Nutrition & Meal Plan Guide

  • Entrance into our Yoga Krewe Fit Club:

    • Coaching and support from Jen & Michelle!

    • Community of supportive, loving ladies

    • Full access to my sample meal plans, recipes, tips,

    • After this challenge, you'll be able to continue in any of our accountability groups!  -- You'll always have a private, positive place to check in, get motivation, and stay on track.


Complete Toolkit to Meet your Goals:

  • The package is $160

    • This is for 1 year of BOD, coaching, 30 day-supplements and our fit club community.

  • Suggested Add on of 2B Mindset Nutrition Program:

    • $22 digital only or 

    • $30 to included printed materials & water bottle.

  • We highly suggest signing up as a VIP Member or Coach. This is the most economical option when using this program long term.

  • Your supplements and $15 membership will be on auto renew each month. If you like them and want to continue using them GREAT. Your set up for the best financial option. If you do not like them you can cancel prior to the auto renew and stay in the group just the same.

OK! WOW! Told you it was about to be long -- wanted to get you all the info in one place.

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